Towards a simpler way to connect with your loved ones.

July 5, 2020

We launched Kinoko Chat earlier this year because we saw the need in our own lives and those around us for an easier way to connect with their families, especially during the coronavirus outbreak. With many folks unable to visit their elderly relatives due to social distancing guidelines, other forms of communication like videoconferencing have become incredibly important.

But while there are numerous ways to connect with your family today, not all of them are easy to use, especially with elderly relatives. As highlighted by this recent New York Times article, the seemingly simple ask of logging in with an email and password can frustrate the experience. Not to mention then craning over a laptop or phone, struggling to hear other participants, and worrying about violations of your personal privacy.

Ms. Cohn, already worried about the virus, said struggling with technology “adds another level of stress.”

Here at Kinoko, we've made it our mission to simplify and remove all the unnecessary features found in most of the common technology products out there. We've designed and built Kinoko chat without usernames, passwords, accounts, contacts, and all the other hurdles required by the alternatives. And we hope that ultimately it unlocks more quality family time, instead of adding more stress.