Family Time, Simplified.

Kinoko Chat is the easiest way to stay in touch with your family.

Kinoko Chat Starter Set

Starters sets include everything you need to begin:

  • Two Kinoko Chat systems (one for you and one for a family member)
  • One dedicated video chat room
  • Free shipping for up to two addresses (ship one unit directly to a family member's home)

100% Risk-Free

Other video chat apps make family time hard.

They only work on phones and laptops, which can spoil the experience.
They ask you to download new software and share the right links.
They force you to create an account and remember yet another password.
They collect your personal info to sell to advertisers or store on their servers.

Kinoko Chat removes those frustrations.

It uses your TV for high-quality video and sound.

No more asking mom to hold her phone higher so you can actually see her face. Video chat while you cook, clean, or just lounge around the house.

It automatically connects to your dedicated video chat room.

There's no need to create accounts or share links. More family members can join automatically by purchasing pre-configured systems (coming soon).

It only takes one click to start.

So easy anyone can do it. Kinoko Chat only requires an open HDMI port and a Wi-Fi network to setup. Then, just click the included button to video chat.

And Kinoko Chat is safer than the others, too.

We don't collect your data or record your calls, ever.

The others may collect, analyze, and sell your personal data to advertisers.

Our video chats are 100% end-to-end encrypted.

The others may only encrypt specific devices or business calls.

Our camera & microphone only turn on for video chats.

The others have built-in voice assistants that may be always listening.

What's in the box?


The Relay is the brains of the Kinoko Chat system, and ensures the security and stability of your family's video chat.


Our camera has a built-in microphone, HD video quality, and comes with a long cable for flexible placement options.


Each Kinoko Chat system comes wirelessly paired with one Button. Just click once to enter your dedicated video chat room.

Still have questions?

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