The easiest way to provide quality in-home eldercare.

Send a Kinoko Chat unit to your clients for remote health check-ups they can attend from the comfort of their living room.

Kinoko Chat amplifies your in-home eldercare service.

Achieve more impactful on-site visits.

Quickly check-in via video chat with a client to get a sense of their overall well-being and triage any concerns before expending the time and resources to visit on-site.

Increase the frequency of check-ins at a fraction of the cost.

Increase the frequency with which you can provide care for your clients by following up on treatment regimens and diagnosing new potential issues all via video chat.

Enable family members to participate when needed.

With the click of a button, family members can attend caregiving video chat sessions when needed, providing the necessary peace of mind about their loved ones..

Let Kinoko Chat's technology be an asset.

Big video and audio.

Kinoko Chat uses the TV for a crisp, high quality video and audio experience unmatched by phones, laptops, and tablets.

No accounts needed.

Kinoko Chat units are pre-programmed to connect before they arrive. Your clients only need to click a button to join the chat.

Private and encrypted.

Kinoko Chat video calls are always 100% end-to-end encrypted. The microphone and camera switch off automatically when not in use.

Ready to upgrade your in-home eldercare?

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