Gather your staff in the same room, wherever they are.

Connect across your multiple offices with an always-on, "walk-up" video chat experience as if your entire staff was in the same location.

Kinoko Chat enables multiples offices to feel like one.

It automatically connects, without needing accounts or passwords.

There's no need to create accounts or passwords. We pre-configure the units to the rooms, so all you and your staff have to do is click one button to start the video chat.

It puts security and privacy above all else.

Kinoko Chat is 100% end-to-end encrypted. There's no need to worry about recorded calls. Cameras and microphones automatically switch off when not in use.

It's always on, so there's no need to schedule or send links.

Simply turn Kinoko Chat on at the beginning of the day and off at the end. There's no limit on call duration, so multiple offices will feel like one for the whole day.

It uses the TV for high-quality video and sound.

Have a question for someone in a different office? Simply walk up to the TV and talk to them. It's a conversation that will feel more like real life than a videoconference.

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